SHAWMUT LLC: A manufacturer of engineered materials with its headquarters in Massachusetts and offices in Europe and Asia approached us for a complete overhaul of their brand.
A self-described leader in flexible multi-layer materials, Shawmut is known as a legacy company creating innovative advanced materials for automotive, medical protective and performance wear, filtration and defense applications.
With a global manufacturing platform and partnership network, the company has become one of the most trusted suppliers of fabricated and engineered textile materials in the world.
With a change of leadership and a desire for aggressive growth the company's owners asked us to redesign the 100-year old company's brand in a radical new way, with a focus on innovation and technology. Legacy, while important for building trust, here had become more of burden than an asset. After a process of discovery, research and carefully laying out various options, the owners decided to go with the brand concept as shown here: A timeless, elegant but proud solution that will allow the company to open new doors and grow into new markets.
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