Opus clients
"One month after launch, the website was driving 30% of inbound calls and markedly increasing sales. Marc Posch Design impressed with their fast turnarounds and deep industry knowledge. Rather than pushing their original plans, the agency focused on refining and refreshing the company's ideas.” Lorenz Strasser, CEO Pentacode

Information Technology
America Chung Nam, Los Angeles
Apple Germany, Munich
Aqualitec, Santa Monica
Aruspex, Inc., San Francisco
ETA/Environmental Testing, Los Angeles
Hitachi America, Ltd., XBRL Solutions Group, Santa Clara/CA
ICC International Chambers of Commerce, Paris
IdeAttack, Los Angeles/Singapore
Jacobus Consulting, Rancho Santa Margarita
Leolo IT & Media, Glonn/Germany
Mocana, San Francisco
Nexus Partners, Menlo
Pentacode, Munich 
Rockley Publishing, Ontario/Canada
Savvion, Santa Clara, CA
Softlab AG, Munich
The ContentWrangler, San Francisco
Tebis AG, Munich
Tier Logic, Menlo Park/CA
VivoAquatics, Monrovia
Amauri USA, Irvine
Capital Cooking, Santa Fe Springs
Easton Foundations, Studio City
Kavana Health, Oklahoma
Quest Impact, Shanghai
Santec, Torrance
SHARP Industries, Torrance
Shawmut Corp., Massachusetts
Shugarsoap, Los Angeles
TSL, Hong Kong
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This is a partial list of our clients.
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More Client Testimonials

"Marc has an incredible design vision that flexes to meet the unique needs of each of his clients. I have never seen him meet a challenge where he doesn't meet -- and exceed -- expectations. I always trust that I can get great design work done on time and with as little fuss as possible." Stuart McFaul, C.E.O. Spiralgroup
“Marc’s intuition and forward-looking design have given us the progressive CI we can identify with. It provides the professional approach and support in our communication with clients. Many clients have expressed their appreciation for Leolo’s outstanding print and online presentation.“  Henri Cujass, CTO Leolo IT, Munich, Summer 2014
“Marc, to see our vision come to life and in such an elegant, professional way takes my breath away. We more than love them, they are a lifetime of work put to creative art. Thank you could never convey the gratitude we feel but I will say anyway, thank you, thank you.” Sandra Jacobs, C.E.O. Jacobus Consulting, Inc
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