PARIS/FRANCE A project that kept us busy (and excited) for over a year. While I cannot reveal the name of the organization (we're under NDA) I can still talk a little about the process. We got hired to look at the company's various presentations: A legacy organization located in Paris that has been around for over 100 years with dozens of departments and offices worldwide. While they are working more or less independently, a cohesive and uniting brand message was needed to present the company as a whole for the challenges to come and their need to grow and expand into emerging markets. 
What we realized quickly was that the messaging (male, pale, frail) was holding them back from growing. With global markets becoming more and more relevant, and new players entering the field requesting a seat at the table, the old word order "West vs the Rest" is not sustainable anymore. Customers and clients in emerging countries are requesting to be treated as equal partners and not with a post-colonial attitude.
Helping the organization with the transformation from a European legacy consulting firm to a global powerhouse with a forward-looking attitude and values around respect for other cultures became the big overarching theme. We were able to extract and eventually translate the new vision into a visual language for the entire organization. 
It was a very transformative project, not only for the client, but also for us at Opus. We recognized that we too had to change to remain relevant and move from visual design to a new definition of brand development: Consulting based on experience and accumulated industry expertise, and creativity that promotes innovation and growth. 
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